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VitaVerde  Hay Is A Purely Natural Product That Has Been Gently Harvested And Sun-dried To Retain The Maximum Amount Of Natural Vitamins.
This Timothy Hay Is Enriched With Wild Rose For Added Variety.
100% Natural, With Natural Vitamins And Minerals, High Fibre Content, Picked And Packed By Hand/
This Herb Hay Is The Natural & Essential High Fibre Feed For All Rodents.
Supports The Essential Microbial Digestion, It Should Be A Fundamental Part Of The Animals Daily Diet (on Average 2 Handfuls Per Day Per Animal)
It Is Full Of Natural Vitamins, Minerals & Trace Elements.
It Is Carefully Harvested & Dried & Picked By Hand.
With Tasty Sweet Smelling Wild Rose.
Helps Keep Teeth Worn Down

Vitakraft VitaVerde Hay & Wild Rose 500g

SKU: 1921ae54-d0aa-4166-ba8d-b0bd79a30d0a
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