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Trixie's Fur Care Massage Glove is a great alternative to using a brush, especially for wriggly pets that won't stay still while being groomed.


  • Suitable for sensitive pets
  • Stimulates the blood flow
  • Removes loose hair
  • With hook and loop fastener
  • Breathable mesh material/TPR

Measurements: 18 × 24 cm

Trixie Fur Care Massage Grooming Glove

SKU: b38d6f10-dba4-4964-9b33-bfd7a6163129
  • Grooming is a wonderful way to bond with your pet, but dogs or cats that are new to grooming should be introduced to it slowly.

    Begin grooming sessions when your pet is relaxed.

    Use tools gently and avoid tugging on the skin or on knots or mats.

    Give your pet plenty of reassurance and make physical contact with your hands throughout the grooming session.

    Pause or end the grooming session if your pet becomes agitated or shows signs of stress.

    Keep grooming sessions brief to begin with, and increase the length of the sessions as your pet becomes used to grooming.

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