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Sports Pet Tough Bounce Snowflake Dog Toy Balls Are Every Dogs Prized Possession. Simply Because It Is The One Thing That Keeps Your Pet Happy Even On Gloomy Days.


Thats Why While Selecting A Dog Ball, Make Sure That It Is Made Of High-quality And Attracts Your Pets.


Sportspet Has Introduced Your Pets Favourite, The Tough Bounce Ball.


This Ball Is Made From A Combination Of Japanese Rubbers And Natural Material, Giving It Durability And Lightness.


Its High Bounce Rate Is Something Your Pet Would Love And Enjoy All Day Long!


What Else?

This Amazing Toy Can Also Float!

So, If Your Dog Is Someone Who Loves To Take Its Ball To The Pool, Then This One Is A Great Pick.


The Ball Improves Activity Level, Alertness, And Responsive Behaviour Of Your Pet.


It Also Serves As A Great Choice When You And Your Canine Companion Want To Play Games Outdoors.


Soft And Safe, The Ball Is Non-toxic And Doesnt Harm Gums And Teeth.


This Dog Fetch Toy Resists Wear And Tear But Can Ultimately Get Damaged Due To Continuous Teething Or Chewing.


Always Keep A Check On The Signs And Replace The Ball If Detected.


Product Benefits

  • An Exciting Addition To Your Dogs Playtime
  • Tough Material Prevents Damage During Aggressive Chewing
  • High Bouncing Makes Your Pet Happy

Snowflake Glitter Mini Bounce 4pk

SKU: e9d2aa8e-9c84-40db-86a2-385e871f2f3d
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