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Royal Canin Boxer Adult Dry Dog Food

Boxer Dogs Are Self-assured, Playful, And Intelligent. They Are Also Among The Most Athletic Members Of The Canine Species. Because Each Breed Has Specific Needs, It?s Important That Your Dog?s Diet Helps To Support And Maintain Its Unique Lifestyle And Optimal Health.

Suitable For Boxers Aged 15 Months Old And Over, ROYAL CANIN? Boxer Adult Is Specially Formulated With All The Nutritional Needs Of Your Adult Dog In Mind. The Boxer?s Dynamism Is Well-renowned ? This Breed Never Holds Back In Terms Of Exerting Energy Once Engaged In Physical Activity. This Means That Your Adult Boxer Needs A Diet That?s Specifically Adapted To Its Intense Levels Of Physical Activity. ROYAL CANIN? Boxer Adult Contributes To Maintaining Muscle Mass, Thanks To An Adapted Protein Content And The Inclusion Of L-Carnitine. ROYAL CANIN? Boxer Adult Also Contains Specific Nutrients Such As Taurine, EPA & DHA, To Help Support Healthy Cardiac Function. Additionally, This Formula Contains An Exclusive Complex Of Antioxidants To Help Neutralise Free Radicals And Support Your Dog?s Natural Defences.

What?s More, The Kibble In ROYAL CANIN? Boxer Adult Is Tailor-made For The Particularly Short Jaws Of The Boxer Breed. Without Specifically-shaped Kibble, The Particular Formation Of The Boxer?s Teeth Can Make It Difficult For It To Pick Up Its Food And Chew It Thoroughly. That?s Why The Kibble Found In ROYAL CANIN? Boxer Adult Is Exclusively Designed Not Only To Make It Easier For Your Dog To Grasp The Kibble, But To Also Encourage Sufficient Chewing Before Swallowing.

At ROYAL CANIN? We?re Committed To Providing Nutritional Solutions To Your Pet?s Needs. All Of Our Products Undergo An Extensive Quality Control Process In Order To Guarantee The Optimum Quality Of Food As Well As Catering To Your Dog?s Specific Dietary Requirements And Lifestyle. This Means That When Your Dog Eats ROYAL CANIN? Boxer Adult, It?s Getting A Complete And Balanced Diet.

Available In 3kg And 12kg Bags


Boxer Adult Contributes To Maintaining Muscle Mass Thanks To An Adapted Protein Content (26%). This Formula Also Contains L-carnitine.

This Formula Contains Specific Nutrients To Help Support Good Cardiac Function. Enriched With Taurine And EPA & DHA.

This Formula Contains An Exclusive Complex Of Antioxidants To Help Neutralise Free Radicals.

Rice, Animal Fats, Dehydrated Poultry Protein, Maize, Vegetable Protein Isolate*, Dehydrated Pork Protein, Hydrolysed Animal Proteins, Vegetable Fibres, Beet Pulp, Minerals, Soya Oil, Fish Oil, Copra Oil, Dehydrated Tomato, Hydrolysed Yeast (source Of Manno-oligo-saccharides), Hydrolysed Crustaceans (source Of Glucosamine), Marigold Extract (source Of Lutein), Hydrolysed Cartilage (source Of Chondroitin). Vitamin A: 27500 IU, Vitamin D3: 700 IU, E1 (Iron): 51 Mg, E2 (Iodine): 5.1 Mg, E4 (Copper): 15 Mg, E5 (Manganese): 66 Mg, E6 (Zinc): 141 Mg, E8 (Selenium): 0.11 Mg - Lcarnitine: 830 Mg - Technological Additives: Clinoptilolite Of Sedimentary Origin: 10 G - Sensory Additives: Tea Extract (source Of Polyphenols): 150 Mg - Preservatives - Antioxidants. * L.I.P.: Protein Selected For Its Very High Digestibility.

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Royal Canin Boxer Adult 12kg

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Expected Delivery Dispatch 1-2 Weeks
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