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Royal Canin Ageing Neutered 12+ Dry Cat Food


Your Sterilised Cat Requires A Complete And Balanced Diet To Support Optimal Health Throughout Its Senior Years.


ROYAL CANIN Ageing Sterilised 12+ Is Specifically Formulated With The Nutritional Needs Of Your Sterilised, Senior Cat In Mind. It Is Often The Case That The Activity Levels Of Some Senior Cats Reduce With Age - This Is Particularly True For Sterilised Cats Like Yours. This Can Sometimes Lead To Unwanted Or Excessive Weight Gain.


ROYAL CANIN Ageing Sterilised 12+ Contains A Moderate Level Of Fat To Help Maintain Your Cat's Ideal Body Condition. Our healthy Ageing Complex Contains A Patented Composition Of Antioxidants, Including Lycopene And Omega-3 Fatty Acids To Help Support The Health Of Your Cat's Bodily Functions Throughout The Ageing Process.


The Omega-3 Fatty Acids In ROYAL CANIN Ageing Sterilised 12+ Help To Support And Maintain Healthy Joints And Bones. What's More, Thanks To An Adapted Level Of Phosphorus, ROYAL CANIN Ageing Sterilised 12+ Also Helps To Support Your Senior Cat's Renal Health By Assisting In The Maintenance Of Proper Kidney Function.


It's Important To Support Your Cat's Urinary System. That's Why ROYAL CANIN Ageing Sterilised 12+ Contains Specific Nutrients To Help Maintain A Healthy Urinary System.


To Cater To Each Cat's Individual Preferences, ROYAL CANIN Ageing 12+ Is Also Available As Wet Food In Either A Delicious Gravy Or Jelly. There Is Also An Alternative Dry Version Available For Non-sterilised Cats. If You're Considering Mixed Feeding, Simply Follow Our Feeding Guidelines To Ensure Your Cat Gets An Accurate Amount Of Both Wet And Dry Food For Optimal Benefit.


At ROYAL CANIN We're Committed To Providing Nutritional Solutions To Your Pet's Needs. All Of Our Products Undergo An Extensive Quality Control Process In Order To Guarantee The Optimum Quality Of Food As Well As Catering To Your Cat's Specific Dietary Requirements And Lifestyle. This Means That When Your Cat Eats ROYAL CANIN Ageing Sterilised 12+, It's Getting A Complete And Balanced Diet.


Available In 400g, 2kg And 4kg Bags.


In Some Senior Cats, The Level Of Activity Reduces With Age, Which May Lead To Weight Gain. AGEING STERILISED 12+ Contains A Moderate Level Of Fat To Help Maintain An Ideal Body Condition.


A Patented* Complex Of Antioxidants Including Lycopene And Omega - 3 Fatty Acids To Support The Body Systems Through The Ageing Process.

* France, Patent N? EP1146870


Helps Support Renal Health Thanks To An Adapted Phosphorus Level.

Royal Canin Ageing Sterilised Cat 12+ 4kg

SKU: a99a1dfe-bee3-45bd-af64-245d150c48e6
Expected Delivery Dispatch 7-10 Days
  • Ingredients

    Maize, Vegetable Protein Isolate*, Maize Flour, Dehydrated Poultry Protein, Wheat, Maize Gluten, Animal Fats, Vegetable Fibres, Hydrolysed Animal Proteins, Chicory Pulp, Minerals, Fish Oil, Soya Oil, Yeasts And Parts Thereof, Tomato (source Of Lycopene), Fructooligo- Saccharides, Psyllium Husks And Seeds, Hydrolysed Yeast (source Of Mannan-oligo-saccharides), Hydrolysed Crustaceans (source Of Glucosamine), Borage Oil, Marigold Extract (source Of Lutein), Hydrolysed Cartilage (source Of Chondroitin).

    Vitamins & Minerals

    Vitamin A: 19000 IU, Vitamin D3: 700 IU, E1 (Iron): 40 Mg, E2 (Iodine): 4 Mg, E4 (Copper): 12 Mg, E5 (Manganese): 52 Mg, E6 (Zinc): 154 Mg, E8 (Selenium): 0.07 Mg

    Sensory Additives: Tea Extract (source Of Polyphenols): 0.6 G - Preservatives - Antioxidants. *L.I.P. : Protein Selected For Its Very High Assimilation.

    Guaranteed Analysis

    Crude Ash: 5.4%. Crude Fibre: 4.9%. Crude Oil Fats: 15%. Protein: 30%.

    Feeding Guide: See Packaging.

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