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Ideal for trimming around your pet's face and paws.


Easy for novice home groomers to tidy up their pet's appearance.

  • Rounded tips for safety
  • Micro-serrated precise cutting blade for great results
  • Plastic comb for combing long hair away from delicate areas before and after trimming to avoid cutting the skin


Keeping your pet's face clean is an important part of your grooming routine - especially for longer haired pets. Long hair may irritate their eyes or ears, causing discomfort and even infection. Long hair can also quickly become matted with food and debris if not groomed regularly - which is uncomfortable and can also be smelly.

Cleaning your dog's face on a regular basis will also allow you to inspect your dog's eyes, ears, nose, and mouth - allowing you to know what is normal. This makes spotting any change or difference much easier and allow you to seek timely medical advice from your vet.

Mikki Ear & Face Care Set

SKU: 79ed8fe6-d927-4dba-bdc7-e6abea278e01
  • Grooming is a wonderful way to bond with your pet, but dogs or cats that are new to grooming should be introduced to it slowly.

    Begin grooming sessions when your pet is relaxed.

    Use tools gently and avoid tugging on the skin or on knots or mats.

    Give your pet plenty of reassurance and make physical contact with your hands throughout the grooming session.

    Pause or end the grooming session if your pet becomes agitated or shows signs of stress.

    Keep grooming sessions brief to begin with, and increase the length of the sessions as your pet becomes used to grooming.

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