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A Complementary Pet Food For Cats


We All Know That Santa-Claws Only Brings Presents For Good Cats And These Delicious Meaty Treats From Meowee! Will Keep Even The Fussiest Of Cats On Their Best-Behaviour.


Here At Meowee!, We Offer A Variety Of Textures And Irresistible Flavours To Keep Your Cat Puuurrring All Year Long, So Why Not Try Some Of Our Other Delicious But Healthy Treats For A Happy Cat Inside And Out...



To Keep This Treat In Tip Top Condition, Store Somewhere Cool And Dry.

Preparation And Usage

Feed As A Treat As Part Of A Nutritionally Balanced Diet And Our Treats Should Not Exceed 10% Of Your Cat's Daily Calorie Intake.

Check That Your Cat Has Plenty Of Clean, Fresh Water Available - Just In Case They Get Really Thirsty.

This Treats Should Be Given Under Supervision, On A Non-stainable Surface.

Not Suitable For Kittens Under 4 Months.


Warning: This Product Is Packed On A Site That Handles Nuts And Peanuts. This Product Contains Ingredients From Natural Sources And May Change Colour Overtime.

Meowee Meat Cat Advent Calendar 96g

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