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Good Boy Space Lobber Soft Junior Dog Toy


New Range!


Good Boy Space Lobber Squeaky Has Been A Best Selling Toy Loved By Dogs For Over A Decade The Iconic Dog Space Lobber Now Includes 5 New Formats Added To The Range: Soft Junior, Soft Standard, Chew Ball Lobber, Fetch TPR Lobber And Canvas Tug Lobber.


Now Every Dog No Matter Their Play Style Should Be Able To Find A Space Lobber Toy To Suit


This Soft Space Lobber Suits A Dog Who Loves A Softer Toy But Still With A Fabulous Squeaker. It Comes In Two Sizes - Junior And Standard Just The Same As The Original Space Lobber Dog Toy Does.


The Backing Of The Soft Space Lobbers Is Another Layer Added To Enhance The Strength Of The Soft Toy As Best As Possible.


The Standard Size Comes With A Squeaker That Will Work Even If Pierced And The Junior Includes A Squeaky Spiky Ball Inside Ideal For Dogs Who Love To Cuddle, Snuggle Or Carry Around Soft Toys


Approx Sizes:

Standard Height Approx. 19Cm, Width Approx. 15Cm By 11Cm

Junior Height Approx. 11Cm, Width Approx. 8Cm By 7Cm

Good Boy Space Lobber Soft Junior

SKU: 55c46292-a435-4e53-9cef-72f480e31748
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