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Ford Pets Super Premium Cat Food

Our Super Premium Range Of Dry Cat Food Benefits From A Variety Of High Quality Protein Sources. The Range Provides A Selection Of Recipes Formulated To Meet The Specific Needs Of Kittens, Adult And Older Cats.


Benefits Include;

  • Hairball Reduction - With Added Cellulose And Beet Pulp, Sources Of Insoluble Fibre, To Help Reduce Hairballs.
  • 50% Total Chicken - A Responsibly Sourced And Highly Digestible Protein Source.
  • Healthy Digestion - Pre-biotics MOS And FOS Which Help To Promote The Growth Of Healthy Gut Bacteria And Support Digestion.
  • Healthy Heart & Vision - With Added Taurine And Vitamin A To Nourish The Heart And Help Maintain Vision.
  • Stool Quality - With Added Beet Pulp, A Good Source Of Dietary Fibre, To Help Promote Intestinal Motility And Good Stool Formation.

Ford Pets Super Premium Adult Cat Chicken With Rice 300g

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