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Exmarid Deep Cleansing Shampoo Step 1 - Cleanse & Disinfect soothes & Protects For Dogs Prone To Dry, Scaly And Itchy Skin Exmarid Deep Cleansing Shampoo Is Particularly Useful For Dogs Prone To Dry Scaly, Itchy Skin. Its Triple Action Formula Contains A Natural Anti-Scurf Alternative To Coal Tar That Will Leave Your Pet's Coat In Beautiful Condition. Regular Use Of This Soothing Formula Will Help Maintain A Healthy Skin And Coat, Manageable And Shining With Health, Whilst Helping To Prevent Scurf And Flaky Skin. Exmarid Complete Skincare System Exmarid Is A Complete Skincare System In Three Basic Steps: Cleanse & Disinfect Help Soothe, Cool, And Moisturise To Reduce Scratching Have You Tried Our Skin Lotion? A Protective Skin Care Regime With Daily Supplementation Doing All Three Helps To Maintain Healthy Skin Both Internally And Externally

Exmarid Deep Cleansing Shampoo 250ml

SKU: 72aa2861-1cea-4f10-8fa3-ea33ea63cea0
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