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VitaVerde Hay & Dandelion From VitaKraft Is A Soft Meadow Hay With 5% Added Dandelion And 5% Marigold.
Dandelion Is Reputed To Have Benefits To Kidney Function, And Marigold Is A Real Favourite Amongst Rabbits, Guinea Pigs And Other Small Animals. 

Vitaverde Hay Is A Natural Product, Harvested And Carefully Sun-dried, So That Natural Vitamins Remain Largely Intact. Enriched With Palatable Dandelion, Which Is Known For Its Stimulating Effect On Renal Function And Promote Well-being. Hand-picked And Packed. 

With A High Raw Fibre Content, Herbal Hay Is An Indispensable Natural Foodstuff For All Small Animals.It Helps With Important Microbial Digestion & Should Be Available To The Animal In Sufficient Quantities (on Average 2 Handfuls Per Animal Per Day).  It Contains Important Natural Vitamins, Minerals, & Trace Elements, It Is Carefully Harvested & Dried. Enriched With Tasty Dandelion.  Helps Keep Teeth Worn Down.

Vitakraft VitaVerde Hay & Dandelion 500g

SKU: 60bd72e3-048a-431b-9963-29cc71ed53cd
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