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The original spot-on flea and tick treatment


FRONTLINE® SPOT ON for Cats is the original formula from the UK’s leading flea and tick brand, FRONTLINE®. It kills fleas and ticks on your cat to help protect them from the discomfort and diseases these parasites cause.


Use it every 4 weeks for optimal protection.


Kills fleas on your pet within 24 hours
Kills ticks within 48 hours
Kills lice


Frontline Spot On Provides Effective And Convenient Flea And Tick Control For Cats And Kittens Over 8 Weeks And 1 Kg.


It Is Fast Acting, Long Lasting, And Waterproof.


Applied To The Back Of The Neck The Product Kills The Parasites Via Contact Rather Than Your Pet's Blood Stream. Frontline Spot On Is Spread Throughout Your Pet By Being Absorbed Into The Skin And Distributed With The Natural Oils All Over Their Body.


It Contains Fipronil, Which Kills Adult Fleas Within 24 Hours And Adult Ticks Within 48 Hours Of Contact With Pets. Plus, It Also Helps Protect Against Reinfestation.


Frontline Spot On Be Also Be Used For The Control Of Infestations Of Biting Lice.


Kills Fleas Within 24 Hours And Ticks Within 48 Hour Frontline Is Effective For 2 Months Against Fleas And Ticks For 1 Month


The Product Controls Infestations With Felicola Subrostratus Biting Lice On Cats.



Do Not Use On Kittens Less Than 8 Weeks Old And/or Weighing Less Than 1 Kg.

Do Not Use On Animals That Are Unwell, Are Undergoing Treatment For, Or Are Recovering From Illness.

Do Not Use In Rabbits, As Adverse Drug Reactions And Even Death Could Occur.

Do Not Use In Animals With Known Hypersensitivity To The Active Substance Or To Any Of The Other Ingredients.


When Treating Infestations Of Lice, All In-contact Cats Should Be Treated With An Appropriate Product At The Same Time. For Optimum Control Of Flea Problems In A Multi-pet Household, All Dogs And Cats In The Household Should Be Treated With A Suitable Insecticide.


Always Read Instructions Very Carefully Before Use. If You Are Concerned In Any Way, Seek Advice From Your Vet.

Frontline Spot On Cat 6 Pipettes

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Expected Delivery Dispatch 7-10 Days

    • FRONTLINE® SPOT ON is a clinically proven veterinary medicine that’s available in 1-dose, 3-dose and 6-dose packs
    • It can be applied to cats from 8 weeks of age that weigh at least 1 kg
    • It can also be used on pregnant and nursing cats
    • FRONTLINE® SPOT ON is a topical treatment which is applied to your cat’s skin to kill fleas and ticks through contact – meaning they don’t have to bite your cat to be killed
    • Bathing/shampooing/water exposure once a week does not affect the product’s effectiveness. Do not bathe your cat for 2 days after application
    • If your cat is unwell, please see your vet for advice before you apply a flea treatment
    • FRONTLINE® SPOT ON for Cats is not suitable for use on rabbits
    • Legal classification: AVM-GSL
    • Active ingredient: fipronil
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